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Coffey and Biz is boutique business firm that serves as your one stop shop for all things business! We believe one of the first components of running a successful business is education! Coffey and Biz has a mission to alleviate the stress of starting and sustaining your business, while also taking you by the hand to walk you through each process from start to finish! 

You are not just another number. We won't just start your business and send you on your merry way. We are here to answer your questions and provide a personalized service that will leave you feeling confident about starting and maintaining your operation. 

We also offer our partnership directory, which gives you access to attorney's, web/graphic designers, and other businesses that will help you execute the vision and bring it to fruition. 


Jonaee Coffey

Owner and Biz Expert

Owner and visionary, Jonaee Coffey, is a passionate serial entrepreneur with a heart to serve and educate the masses about running thriving and sustainable businesses. Jonaee started Coffey and Biz as a Virtual Assistant service, and realized that her knowledge about business formation and compliance became well sought out by many. She then decided to make Coffey and Biz more than just administrative services, and created the four branches of the business that now empowers aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs to propel to their purpose by operating establishments that are healthy, growing, and marketable.

On a personal note, Jonaee Coffey is a believer of Christ, a mommy to four beautiful children, and a creative soul that illuminates any space with her bubbly personality and bright smile. She enjoys seeing others win and wants to help you to do the same!


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Coffey and Biz

 Advertising & Marketing


Tel: 323-744-8571


Headquarters: Henderson, NV

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