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Corporations are great for those who are looking to become publically traded.  This entity structure has formalities that must be followed, such as conducting meetings with the board of directors, and keeping meeting minutes. Most investors prefer the Corporate structure.

Open For Business

Limited Liability Companies are one of the most popular legal structures for small businesses.  It is taxed by default like a sole proprietor or partnership, but protects one's assets like a corporation.


If you are looking to start a nonprofit organization, we are here to assist! Nonprofits are a lot of work, but very rewarding. Be sure to have a board of directors and be ready to do the work to serve your cause!

Checking Text on a Document

Most organizations think that they are a 501c3 just because they filed the Articles of Incorporation, but that is not true!  The 501c3 will give your organization tax exemption status and make it easier and more attractive for potential donors.

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